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Batman Driving Arcade Game

Imagine Batman having 10 Batmobiles to choose from. Well in Batman Arcade Video Racing game you do. The Batman Arcade Video Racing game consists of missions all set in the vehicles. You will go against all of the Batman enemies such as the Joker and Mr. Freeze. In each storyline there is a mission where you the player gets to fly the Bat from the Dark Knight Rises. Of course Batman wouldn’t be Batman if he didn’t have upgradable weapons and in this game it is no different. You will have a battering ram, baterangs and a drone. There are also 20 characters, 1000 lines of spoken dialogue and 10 square miles of scenery and 3 very distinctive cinematic boss battles. Great for inside events at Trade Shows, Business/Sporting Parties, Corporate Events, Schools, Colleges, Churches in & around the Minneapolis - St Paul Area!

Ages =
Middle School Kids To Adults
Power Requirement = (1)110 Circuit (20 amps)
Size = 7' L x 4' W x 8' H
Rental Rate = $1995.00



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